Hamilton Island Holiday

Hamilton Island is such a good snorkelling place. The beach named catseye beach has so many fish every where you look there is something to see. We saw two green sea turtles at catseye beach and I grabbed one turtle on the shell and it took me for a ride and that was a life time experience that could never be forgotten. Hamilton Island has so many swimming pools because of how hot the weather is up there. The pools are so warm because of the sun’s heat. We also snorkelled at the great barrer reef there were very big fish and a lot of small fish. These are some of the fish I saw.

Angle fish.

Maori wrasse.

Damsel fish.

Clown fish.


Yellow Tang

Blue Dory

Moon Wrasse

Potato Cod

I would love to go back to Hamilton Island again one day very soon.


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Giants’s Delight

Vats of soup on table  trays side .shark with mayonnaise hunch of ox with piles of  mice mounds of gristle served on ice bone of mammoth head of boar whales and serpent by the score.

tons of coleslaw  stack of rabbits (giants have such piggy habits then at lest there comes a stew full of buffalo And ewe followed some chocolate Cakes Big enough for stomach aches.